8th Jul 2022

5 ways that automate the future of recruitment

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Finding new ways to save time is like gold dust for temporary recruiters, not only will you be able to focus on placing more candidates, but you will be able to surpass your monthly targets and much more! Being a leading tech company for recruiters in the UK, we have pulled together some top ways you should implement to automate your processes for future success.

Pre-screen candidates & send interview follow up reminders

Think about it, in temporary recruitment you will have to go through a lot of candidates to find quality talent. Getting this right can make or break the rest of your recruitment process duration. Using pre screening video interviews can help save so much time, rather than routing through CVs, seeing candidates videos will help get through a high volume of candidates much quicker.

Automating interview follow up reminders will reduce the amount of candidate ghosting you will likely get with temporary hires. Depending on what system you use to schedule interviews, they will always give you an option for reminders, something many recruiters overlook.

52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool. (Ideal.com)

Recruit on the go

A recruiters job is never done, candidates will be looking for new roles at any time of the day which you need to keep on top of. Having a mobile app will essentially put your available jobs right at a candidate’s fingertips, even while on the move.

With an app, recruiters can manage candidates all in one system with push notifications, live chats and much more. If you haven’t looked into getting a branded app for your temporary recruitment agency, check out what we can offer here >

Use communication templates

During the recruitment process you will use similar emails, text messages, LinkedIn messages etc. to send to each candidate going through the same process. Making sure you have the most efficient templates to use throughout your recruitment process, from hiring to onboarding will save so much time in the long run, saving on more admin work and saving you having to write out the same messages over and over.

To give you a helping hand, check out our 10 ultimate email templates for temporary recruitment, you can download them for free here >

Take on AI for recruitment

Technology is the future of recruitment. In fact, 76% of recruiters believe that AI’s impact on recruiting will be significant. (LinkedIn)

With AI you can match candidates to the right job role and get essential candidate information to ultimately identify if they are the right fit. You can do all of this via chatbots on social media and on your website. This can be a good way to collect more quality candidates in your pipeline without having to speak to them initially.

Have a streamlined talent pipeline

Keeping on top of your pipeline can potentially be a nightmare and in most cases a mess. Taking some time to build talent communities will ensure you always have a consistent pipeline of engaged candidates. Split these up into different sections of the recruitment process and ensure you automate communication between the cold candidates and the warm candidates. This way when it comes to finding candidates with specific skills, you will be able to automate your communication to specific candidates in your pipeline.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automation for recruitment. If you want more ideas and advice on how to improve your temporary recruitment process, get in touch with us today.

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