23rd Dec 2021

5 Ways to prepare your Temp Agency for 2022

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A new year means now is the best time to take a look at new ways you can prepare your temp agency to get off on the best start. check out our top five ways you can streamline your processes this year…

Find new ways to expand your candidate pool

Did you know, potential candidates are more active this time of year because they are looking for a fresh start for the new year? Although many companies wind down this time of year, temp recruiters are usually at their busiest during the holidays. If you engage with as many potential candidates now, even if there aren’t as many roles available, come January (or sooner) you will place more candidates into new roles.

A couple more things that can expand your candidate pool and attract high quality candidates include:

  • Talking about the company culture
  • Optimise your job listings
  • Improve your website
  • Automate candidate screening

Check out what your competitors are doing

Much like last year, this year we have seen a lot of changes in the recruitment industry and 2022 will be no exception. Once we settle into a new normal, it can feel like we are back to square one sometimes. Don’t let your recruitment process be stuck in the past!

Keep an eye on your competition, not to copy what they are doing but to learn from them. What works, what doesn’t work and come up with a better strategy so you can always stay ahead. Look at their online presence, website, social media and what systems they use and have in place, then adapt and improve what will work for your agency.

Continue recruiting through Social Media

As the need for digital urgency increases, so does the need for recruiters to get onboard to not only improve their registration process, but to save so much time and get ahead of the growing industry.

Social media recruiting is becoming more crucial as ever! Recruiters need to not only show their brand and available jobs but you need to ensure that LinkedIn is your priority. LinkedIn is a superb way to source candidates so ensure your own profile is up to scratch so passive candidates also reach out to you.

Continue to recruit passive candidates

Did you know 70% of the global workforce are passive candidates?

Passive candidates are those who aren’t specifically looking for work but will leave a role for a new opportunity if one comes along. To target passive candidates, take a look at your existing recruiting strategy and make sure you boost potential ways passive candidates will come across your job ads such as on social media, getting referrals and building your brand in unique and different ways.

e-Registration technology for remote efficiency

Let’s face it, with the new omicron variant we are all left unsure what the start of our 2022 will look like. It’s likely that we will go into a circuit breaker early January which means recruiters must go back to remote ways of their recruitment process.

However, if you haven’t already looked into new technology did you know that Temp Hero can help recruiters like yourselves to streamline your registration process, which will help you save on a lot of admin time and will help you to grow in 2022 and beyond. Check out our new system and book a free demo here >

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A couple of top recruiting stats to take into 2022:

  • 61% of recruiters expect video interviews to be the default norm
  • 51% of candidates would take lower pay for more flexibility
  • 89% of passive candidates evaluate your brand before applying
  • 49% of respondents decline a job offer because of a poor recruitment experience
  • The average job posting gets 250 resumes

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