Manage all your candidates in one simple app system

Streamline Recruitment With A Mobile App.

Experience a new generation that will streamline your recruitment process, allowing you to manage candidates through your own branded mobile app to get ahead in a highly competitive industry, with a remote and efficient registration and onboarding solution.

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App Features

Push Notifications

Send push messages to candidates who have downloaded your mobile app. Send timely call to action messages and reminders when you need to, whether it's to fill a shift, send a job alert or to request a candidate referral.

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Job Board Integration

Searching for a job is simple with the job board integration app feature. Candidates can save time by applying for jobs directly from their smartphone while on the move, allowing you to reach more candidates at any time of the day.

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The chat function within your app allows recruiters to speak with candidates in real time, enabling you to work out quickly who is the right fit for your available roles and help candidates register with your agency much more efficiently.

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Candidate Availability

Candidates can update their availability on your app with the days, hours and shift patterns they can work. This gives candidates the flexibility to update their available hours that’s convenient for them, which might not always be during your working hours.

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Candidate Tracking

Your app can track when candidates have clocked in/ out at the work location which is hugely beneficial for your recruitment agency, knowing if everyone is on site. This gives the recruiter and client confidence on the service delivery.

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