30th Jul 2021

Improve Your Recruitment Process in 5 Easy Steps

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Struggling to find great candidates in a highly competitive market? Has 2020 turned up this frustration and you are now looking for new innovative ways to step up your process? We have taken the time to break down and simplify this process to give you some top tips that you can apply to your own recruitment cycle right now.

1. Improve the Job Posting

A candidate’s experience with your agency starts from your job posting. To gain the best candidates for your job listing you need to add more than just the level of education and qualifications required. To filter candidates that apply you can expand on more specifics of the role such as stating: ‘ This job role requires 10 years of experience managing teams and projects effectively’ instead of: ‘10 years of experience required’, for example. Providing more relevant qualities that are required for the job should start filtering out those who aren’t right for the role before you have to move onto the next stage of the process.

Don’t forget to distinguish between “must-have” and “nice-to-have” requirements so you don’t discourage candidates who could learn these additional skills on the job.

2. Communicate in new ways

Today you can’t get candidates into face to face interviews which in the past was a crucial part of the recruitment process so you could determine who was right for which job role – In reality there is nothing better than meeting a candidate face to face to get a feel for what they are like. Now you have technology at your disposal to replicate the need for face to face interviews by using video calls to set up virtual meetings, something that we all have come accustomed to.

Not only that but the need for paper documents to register candidates are becoming a thing of the past (unless you want to post these out which takes more time than money). Sending documents digitally to sign using e-sign technology can be an easy way to onboard candidates quicker.

3. Boost Candidate Sourcing

Did you know, 70% of the global workforce are passive candidates?

Sourcing candidates can be a lot simpler in today’s digital age, you don’t just have to rely on job board websites and your own site among other obvious ways to source candidates. Attending events (pre Covid), using mobile platforms and even using Social Media are great ways to source more candidates. If you are active on all relevant digital platforms, you could boost your candidate pool by 35%.

4. Test Candidates

So you have found candidates with the right qualifications and skills, how do you narrow these down to get the right fit? The key step here is to give the remaining candidates a basic test to see how they will cope within the role. Depending on your industry this could be anything from answering some questions or carrying out a short test on site. Some popular pre-employment tests include: Job Knowledge tests, Integrity tests, Personality tests and Skills assessment tests.

5. Level up your process

Following this process above is great but if you really want to step up your recruitment, you need to discover new technologies to keep up with digital demand and ultimately capture the best candidates remotely.

Because of COVID-19 we have developed new e-sign technology so recruiters can register and induct candidates remotely in this new socially distant world. So far this system has been invaluable to 1000s of recruiters looking to level up their recruitment while staying compliant. If you want to discover more, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free demo today.

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