21st Apr 2022

Interview with Chris Sultman | CDS Recruitment

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Here at Temp Hero, we’re proud to work with successful recruiters. From e-Registration to App development, we are always on hand to offer an effective, simple service.

Recently we spoke to Chris Sultman from CDS Recruitment to see what biggest challenges he faced and how we helped him overcome them. Check out the video below and read the full case study to find out how you too can reach the next generation of recruitment:

Established in 2009, CSR Recruitment offers technical, engineering and scientific recruitment for temporary, contract and permanent candidates. Based in the North East of England, CDS Recruitment has expanded and now operates throughout the UK.

Before Temp Hero what was the biggest challenge you faced?

Before Temp Hero, CDS Recruitment spent too much time registering candidates, had too many documents to go through every time a new candidate onboarded. Their CRM didn’t have the capability to do everything online and Adobe Signature was providing a poor candidate experience, providing only a temporary solution.

CDS Recruitment needed a more cost effective solution that would help them register candidates quicker, with no complication.

What did Temp Hero do to help solve your biggest challenge?

Temp Hero offered everything CDS were looking for in one simple to use system that the staff also loved to use. It is easy to use, candidates can register easily and they find it impossible to make a mistake on, saving them a lot of time and resources. One of the best things about using Temp Hero was how legislatively compliant it is for their recruitment process.

In a nutshell, Temp Hero has helped CDS Recruitment:

  • Save time by being able to place more candidates quicker
  • Stay legislatively compliant
  • Offer a simpler and easier recruitment process for candidates and staff to manage

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