Hoxo Media

Hoxo Media believe that modern recruitment agencies should build business-winning brands through content marketing and social media.

The team specialises in content marketing for recruitment teams. They provide two main offerings:

Hoxo Agency: Their expert team plans your strategy, produces your content, and gets you amazing results.

Hoxo Academy: With all the tools and mentoring you need, Hoxo will train your whole recruitment team to build authentic personal brands on LinkedIn in just 8 weeks.

Product & Service details

Seeking business over the phone is no longer the only option for recruiters. Hoxo Media now live in a time where every client relationship just got more digital.

They have two offerings to help your team:

  • Hoxo help recruitment teams connect with new customers and engage with existing ones through innovative marketing strategies that include clients in the content creation process.
  • They help recruiters build LinkedIn personal brands that open more opportunities by providing a proven methodology to follow on the platform daily.

Key features and benefits

With over 250 agency clients around the world, Hoxo Media knows what works. Their agency offers three packages that each include the following features:

  • A bespoke content marketing strategy
  • A dedicated marketing team of 5 people who create and execute the content
  • Implementation of cutting edge marketing automation technology
  • Clear targets and ROI metrics
  • A dedicated and experienced recruitment marketing team for the price of 1 FTE resource
  • Time saved through a fully managed content creation and distribution service
  • Increase in online engagement in target communities
  • Clear business opportunities and revenue sourced and influenced via marketing
  • More reasons for your recruitment team to speak to customers

As part of the Hoxo Academy, members will get access to weekly coaching calls, a library of handy templates and video resources loaded into our dedicated content portal, and a specialist LinkedIn group of like-minded recruiters going through the same process.

Members will be given everything they need to build their brand on LinkedIn, attract more clients and candidates, and get recognised as thought leaders in their field.

Benefits include:

  • A clear plan for LinkedIn growth
  • Simple success metrics to follow
  • No more fear when it comes to creating content
  • More profile views and inbound interest
  • Knowledge on how to build a targeted community
  • Knowledge on how to engage the right people
  • Saved time and effort through planning

Who are the products and services aimed at?

Recruitment agencies across the globe.

Who would use the services?

Hoxo Media typically works with senior management and marketing teams however their Academy is a company wide project supporting everyone in the recruitment team.

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