Recruiting Gym

The Recruiting Gym is to be the ‘Home of Recruitment Training’.

Whether it’s training, coaching or consultancy that you require for your business, their training marketplace can help.

Recruiters need not be alone in their search for operational and performance excellence, but can instead unlock the wisdom of the Gym, a community focused on learning & development as well as performance management.

The Recruiting Gym coaches are all Recruiters and Recruiting leaders and many of them are still actively recruiting or running recruitment businesses, which is how they keep their training content and advice current.

Product & Service details:

The Recruiting Gym takes the ‘heavy lifting’ out of coaching and training – whether it’s online, face to face or a hybrid of the two, we know how much time and energy it can take.
Let us do all of the core work, so that you can spend time on refining what you do.

Key features and benefits:

  • Training courses for everyone from new starters to experienced consultants
  • Consultancy on business planning, strategy, commission schemes, project management, CRM systems, vision setting, induction & onboarding programs
  • Coaching for individuals on any recruitment or business related project

Who are the product and services aimed at?

Anyone working within the recruitment industry, globally.

Who would use the services?

Resourcers, Researchers, Recruiters, 360º Consultants, Team Leaders, Billing Managers, Managers, Directors, Owners

Does the product integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who?

The training website integrates with Crowdcast and Zoom.

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