6th May 2022

Top 5 Components Of The Best Temp Recruiter Emails

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Emailing is critical, not just for recruiters but for any business looking to gain any sort of traction. To save time and source candidates quicker you must take a look at your email process to see how you can speed the process to get better quality candidates.

To do this follow our advice…

Craft the perfect subject line

Your email subject line is the first thing candidates will see when it lands in their inbox. after all, it doesn’t matter how good your email is if it’s never opened. Crafting the perfect subject lines is easy once you know the right formula.

Adding personalisation in your subject lines can increase open rates by over 65%. Including the candidates name or/ and the location of where a job opportunity is provides little extra effort but will give you a better response. In addition to that, your subject line should be kept to around 41 characters to avoid it being cut off in the recipient’s inbox.

Create templates

Do you waste time writing the same emails out to send over and over? Even if you copy and paste previous emails, it can still take time and effort to go through and update the information that you need. Ideally, you need a handy doc with the top email templates you would use. Templates that highlight the information you need to change clearly to avoid mistakes and save more time during the onboarding process.

If you don’t want to create your own email templates, download our 10 free email templates for Temp Recruiters here >

Have templates for every step of the process

It’s not enough to have one generic template to send out. You need to evaluate your recruitment process, see where your email communication fits in and create templates around this. Within our free templates, we offer temp recruiters email templates that take you through the whole process, from candidate sourcing templates, job interview templates to job offer templates and job rejection templates.

Send at the right time!

Not only should you have templates in place, but to get the most back from your emails you need to know what the best time to send your emails are, especially for candidate sourcing. This is probably the trickiest part to get right because the fact is, there isn’t a true right or wrong answer.

According to recruiter research, between 10 – 11 am and 2 – 3 pm on a weekday are generally the best times for recruiters to send sourcing emails. However, every company is different so we would recommend testing out different times of the day, on different days of the week and keep track of which days/ times work the best for you. You must also keep in mind that these times can change so make sure you run tests every couple of months to ensure the best return on investment is received.

Download our free email templates

We know that temp recruiters need to save time during the candidate onboarding process, so to give you a headstart, we have created the perfect email templates that you can use throughout your entire recruitment process. You can find out more and download our templates for free here >

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